Red Drone Ltd will save you time and money,
by inspecting your solar installation, in a
fraction of the time a ground crew could.

Flying advanced technology drones with thermal cameras, we can identify heat anomalies
in solar installations whether ground or roof based, and pinpoint potential faults.

Our reports show technicians exactly where to look.

From small cell level defects to entire strings
that are offline, we can find any anomalies.
Common problems include –

  • Loose wire connections
  • Breaks in cables
  • Single bad cells / bad panels
  • Bird droppings on panels

Inspections are done best in certain weather conditions usually with at least 600 WM2 which can be monitored with a solar irradiance meter and different passes with different gimble angles will ensure that simple sun glare is not interpreted as heat anomalies.

Panels must also be dry, plus al the usual drone flying regulations, no precipitation, no wind above 15mph etc.

How it works 

We do all the legal CAA risk assessments and
plan everything for you.
We fly a UAV drone over your home at a set time and date (registered with the police and logged for the CAA by Red Drone Ltd) We take infra-red data (and visual photos at the same time) from specific angles and heights in a planned pattern to capture all panels at your solar installation.
We then compile a report of the infra-red images, with grid references and visual photos, showing bad cells or strings and any anomalies.

Your technicians can then go straight to the located panel.  
We can discuss the best options for you.