Drone Services Pricing Guide Wiltshire

Prices below are quick guides - please get in touch to discuss your project

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Before any quotes are given we do a full online Pre-flight survey of the proposed site following CAA regulations. We may also need to do a physical site visit. Pricing can vary depending on legal complexities and flight restrictions of the site to be photographed / filmed by drone.   

                                                 Please bear in mind that the weather in the UK is predictably unpredictable. It is illegal to fly in severe weather conditions.                                                We try to be as flexible as we can if we need to re arrange. 

Basic Roof Inspection

A straight forward roof inspection, great for checking the general condition and looking for problem areas, including basic image adjustment and selected zoom shots starting from £175 

Detailed Roof Inspection

A more thorough roof inspection, covering gutters and chimneys, zooming in on problem areas, with different section video fly overs from £275

Roof Inspection with Professional report

A full roof inspection, covering general condition and problem areas with written assessments from our partner roofing specialists  from £425 

Commercial Roof Inspection

Larger properties such as warehouses, hotels, flats, estates. Price based on size, airspace, location  from £500 

Aerial shots

Aerial images / video of your house, and garden, from various angles and heights.Starting from rom £175

Property Marketing

Aerial images and videos of a property, surrounding grounds and countryside for selling purposes or for your own enjoyment from £275

Property marketing Video Package

Aerial Images of a property with surrounding grounds plus a short edited video with soundtrack from £325

Live Events

We can capture your live events with breath taking aerial 48MP photography and 4K Video from £350

Weddings / Drone only

Aerial photos and video of your outdoor wedding activities to capture a unique take on your special day. A fantastic extra to work alongside ground based photography.  from £450

Weddings / Drone and ground based professional wedding photographer

The whole package with traditional wedding photography and drone photography / videos  Price on request

Booking, deposits, cancelations

  • Full quote will be sent after online Pre-flight survey and site visit where needed
  • 25% Deposit is asked from you to book the shoot date 
  •  If you the client cancels within a week of the booked shoot date the 25% deposit will not be refunded. 

Weather Conditions

  • Red Drone Ltd will monitor the weather leading up to the shoot and keep the client informed
  • We reserve the right to cancel the shoot 48 hours before the scheduled if bad weather is a factor
  • If the event can be re-scheduled the deposit will be transferred to the new date. 
  • If the event is a live event and so not possible to re-schedule we do not refund the deposit due to 
  • If you decide to keep us booked for the original date and our pilots attend (in the hope the weather breaks long enough to shoot) we will charge the full amount regardless if any photography / filming takes place 
  •  If you, the client cancels within a week of the booked shoot date the 25% deposit will not be refunded. 

Copyright and Use of Materials

  • Red Drone Ltd retail the copyright of all materials produced on the shoot; aerial photography and aerial video 
  • Clients are not permitted to sell the material or allow third parties to use it without prior written agreement with us
  • Our clients have full use of the material (photography and filmed) for their own business promotions in terms of marketing or advertising on any platform or media, including website, social media, print
  • Red Drone Ltd reserve the right to use any of the material, aerial photographic stills or video footage for our own marketing purposes, any printed materials, on our website,  social media. We will of course only use any material after our client has published their own use of the material.