We'll give you such breath-taking aerial images and photos of your property - you wont want to sell it!

Capture the ‘bigger picture’ from thin air.

Bring to life the sheer scale, dimension and perspective of your gardens; showcase surrounding countryside, even the symmetry of landscaped lawns, ponds, hedges that are not always appreciated from the ground.

Using the latest 4K technology camera drones, up to a maximum height of 400ft we can take all encompassing
images of property layout and boundaries and provide stunning, flyover videos of your property and grounds.

Here’s an example of how elevated birds-eye view photos from different angles in the sky can present
properties in a uniquely engaging way that’s not possible from the ground. The beautiful trees and surrounding
countryside as well as the lawns, patio and flowerbeds all become part of the same captivating picture. 

Aerial view photos are also an excellent tool for surveyors and solicitors to plot out or re enforce boundary disputes of help with planning permission reports. 

Some features are hard or even impossible to photograph from the ground. This is where professional drones
and some expert flying skills can get you those shots you never even dreamt of.

How it works 

We do all the legal CAA risk assessments and
plan everything for you.
We fly a UAV drone over your property /land at a set time and date, which we register with the police. We create flight log records for the CAA at the same time as taking strategic photos and videos, at specific angles and heights in a planned pattern to capture all potential vantage points.
We then compile the photos and can offer you a basic report, where you receive the raw photos, or we can offer you a more advanced service with post editing. 
We can discuss the best option for you.