Drone Roof Inspections in Wiltshire

Covering Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Cirencester, Chippenham

Professional drone technology gives you the opportunity to inspect any
aspect of your roof; quickly, cost effectively and safely. 

With our advanced drone’s zoom abilities and our manoeuvrability skills (even into some unreachable spaces) we can save you money and time. You can see the problem for yourself and be aware before committing to scaffolding and building services. 

Roof & Building Inspections

  • We can inspect specific areas of your roof and provide a complete general overview of the out of 

    reach elevated areas of your building.  

Drone roof inspection Drone photo by Red Drone Ltd In Wiltshire

Surveys can include

  • Roof tiles

  • Chimney / pots, brickwork, pointing

  • Paramount walls / capping, brickwork

  • Guttering / blockages, draining

  • Skylights / dormers

  • Fascias, soffits,

  • Outlets, boiler flue

Building Site Inspection

Red Drone can offer construction site aerial drone photography.
Each stage of your project captured from an elevated viewpoint and documented to share with stake-holders.
Log and record the process of your building project from exactly the same locations with up to 240 programable waypoints.
Centimetre level positioning is available with RTK

Compare visual records of your project over a timeline and make informed
decisions to ensure the development progress is as planned and developers are hitting KPI’s


How it works 

We do all the legal CAA risk assessments and
plan everything for you including a mission plan and log the route we create to cover your site entirely.
We fly a UAV drone over your building / site at a set time and date (registered with the police and all logged for the CAA by Red Drone Ltd) taking infra-red data (if requested) and visual photos from specific angles and heights in a planned pattern to capture all areas of your project.
We then compile the photos and can offer you a basic report where you can see the thermographic / visual photos, or we can offer you a more advanced report. 
 Get in Touch and we can discuss the best option for you.